As a relatively new discipline there is much to be excited about wing foiling, with constant equipment innovation to make progression faster and performance more accessible.  Browse our range of wing foils from the likes of Dutone and Ensis. If you need advice or further information always feel free to get in touch with our expert staff using the contact form or on 01924 444888

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  1. 2023 Duotone slick foil wing 42230-3520 product picture
    2023 Duotone Slick Foil Wing
    From £819.00
  2. 2022 Ensis Spin Wing
    2022 Ensis Spin Wing
    From £619.00 SAVE 20% Standard Price £774.00
  3. 2022 duotone slick all colours stock image | robin hood watersports
    2022 Duotone Slick Foil Wing
    From £649.00 SAVE 25% Standard Price £869.00
  4. ensis top spin stock picture | robin hood watersporst
    2023 Ensis Top Spin
    From £879.00
  5. 2023 Ensis Score Rigid Handles
    2023 Ensis Score Rigid Handles
    From £895.00
  6. ensis score limited edition product picture | robin hood watersports
    2023 Ensis Score Limited Edition
    From £1,599.00
  7. 2022 kt wing air stock image | robin hood watersports
    2023 KT Wing Air
    From £779.00
  8. 2023 duotone unit product picture all colours | robin hood watersports
    2023 Duotone Foil Wing Unit
    From £839.00
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