NRS Axiom Gore-Tex Drysuit | A Real World Review

NRS Axiom Gore-Tex Drysuit | A Real World Review

I’ve tried a few drysuits over the last few years. Starting with a man’s drysuit (in a size too big to account for female hips and thighs!), to the NRS Pivot and now the NRS axiom. I remember the first time I tried the NRS Pivot and loved the comfort and the wrist seals. The revolutionary idea of having wrist neoprene cuffs rather than velcro – no more tightening the wrist straps before a rapid! However, a new drysuit was in order after a little incident on a rather high Greta. There are a few features that have stayed the same, with others that have been upgraded.

Wrist seals

After chatting to George, I decided to upgrade to one that was a little more durable (I’m not the most careful) and gore-tex fabric. I was pleased to see that the wrist seals are still comfortable, secure and non-faffy!

Ankle design

I was also pleasantly surprised to see the upgraded ‘strap’ design towards the feet. No more Velcro scraps here either, just standard elastic band which works perfectly when matched with some neoprene socks.

Front zip

I’ve always been cautious to get a front zip the fear of it being uncomfortable. As a paddler, I definitely prioritise comfort over a lot of other things. If I’m not comfortable, I can’t concentrate. However, the front zip really is no issue and is completely unnoticeable. I have found it a little difficult to completely unzip to the top of the right shoulder, but hasn’t caused too much of an issue and is much easier for solo paddling.

Drop down seat

Revolutionary for female paddlers. This makes longer kayak adventures so much better. This unzips with ease and actually goes around the body enough so it’s not too tight. Just like with the front zip, this is hardly noticeable and very comfortable.


I first used this drysuit on day one of 9 days of kayaking and living in the van. It dries incredibly quickly which is fantastic for multiple days paddling. It also uses 100% recycled nylon face fabric, lower-impact DWR and backer material that is dope dyed to reduce water usage, pollution and energy use.


Overall, I cannot recommend this drysuit enough. I have loved paddling in it, it is comfortable and does not reduce mobility in the slightest! Happy paddling


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